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Sustainable Luxury: Top 5 Green Resorts in Thailand 2021

Hotels that prioritize reducing their carbon footprint so that you don’t need to worry.

Casa de Las Olas, Tulum: one of the world's most renown Green Hotels

Why choose eco-friendly?

The effects of climate change are becoming ever more present in the world and it is vital that we all do our part to promote positive change. With the increasing importance of environmental conservatism, why limit your sustainable efforts to when you’re at home? By choosing to stay at Eco-Friendly resorts that care about sustainability efforts, you too can be a part of the Global Green Initiative in reducing your impact on the environment while enjoying the perfect holiday.

Over the years, hospitality brands in Thailand have prioritized this aspect and their sustainability and social responsibility efforts should not only be recognized, but also celebrated. There are a number of ways to effectively market environmental-friendliness, such as through Green Hotel award nominations or collaborative influencer campaigns with marketing agencies such as Kommune.

our fave 5 eco-friendly hotels in Thailand

1. The Tongsai Bay - Koh Samui

This hotel has its own ‘Green Policy’, which is clearly listed on their website. The policy includes their contributions to nature conservation, minimized waste, energy reductions and supporting the local community amongst others.

2. Aleenta Phuket - Phang Nga Resort & Spa

From initiatives that include rescuing baby turtles through their Turtle Sanctuary Program to conserving water and other natural resources, Aleenta Phuket is an eco-resort that cares about the guest experience stay as well as your desire to help and not hinder the planet.

3. Centara Reserve- Koh Samui

Opening in August 2021, this exciting new environmentally -centric resort is 100% plastic free and has its own specialized water treatment facilities to bottle still and sparkling water in-resort.

4. Soneva Kiri- Koh Kood

The Soneva group not only ensures that all of their hotels are eco-friendly but also boast their several world-leading environmental projects. The hotel annually publishes their Sustainability and Total Impact Assessment Reports in an effort to promote transparency.

5. Banyan Tree- Phuket

Plastic free hotels, resource conservation, tree planting events, scholarships for youths and working alongside local conservation programs are just a few initiatives the Banyan Tree Group is supporting and providing to enhance consumer experience as well as the local island community.

Where can i find out more?

Sustainable tourism is one way that we can preserve our natural resources and help maintain a healthy environment, but it’s not always easy to find these types of accommodations while traveling abroad. By following the right travel influencers, you can find the eco-friendly options in Thailand from just a scroll away. Want to recommend any other fantastic eco-friendly brands? Let us know about them in the comments below!

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