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After reading this post I can surely guarantee that the readers will be taught how to run and execute a viral social media marketing campaign and the fact that it is not as hard as it seems - if you take it one step at a time. As someone completely new to marketing, I understand that it is easy to get overwhelmed with data and that was exactly my case. However, let me tell you with good understanding for branding, good communication and taking time to select the right KOLs: is my secret to success that I will share with you today.


It is not a secret that Kommune Agency has been working with Horoyoi in terms of

marketing, for those who don't know Horoyoi is considered one of the biggest Japanese beverage brands. We have created content across multiple of social media platforms since last year - with great success. Down below is the receipt of what has worked throughout my latest #HoroyoiTakeovers Campaign.

My Influencer Marketing Tips:

  1. Understand Your brand. My greatest advice as a campaign manager is the importance of understanding the brand you are working with beyond the outer layer of the surface. The more fundamental understanding I learned about Horoyoi as a brand I was able to understand the linkage we had to keep in mind when connecting the dots in every project task I had to encounter.

  2. Use Diverse KOLs. Your KOL selections will determine the outcome of the content creation. My advice is to not select only the KOLs you think are “right” but take a risk and include diversity among the KOLs. Measure and analyse the outcome from each KOL performance - there is always room for improvement for the next campaign.

Great Teamwork

My last advice is simple - great team work. Brief your team clearly, make sure they share the same clear understanding about the brand as you do in order for everyone to be on the same page as you are working towards the same goal.

For this year we have worked on something different, something bigger and more challenging. Suntory’s highly feminine Horoyoi brand has been my main brand to overlook ever since I joined Kommune Agency. This brand IS the brand that has given me a new perspective of how to market a product. Now let me tell you about an unforgettable rollercoaster through highs and lows from my point of view. Together with my team I have carefully selected, briefed and approved the suitable KOL’s for the campaign. After months of planning, understanding and adjusting - I started to see the light in the tunnel. Let me clarify why I started to see the light in the tunnel because after an impactful learning phase of getting to know the brand Horoyoi not only as a cute canned beverage that can be found at 7-Eleven but as a brand and what it stands for. Finding the perfect and ideal Horoyoi persona did not happen over a night or two - it has taken me months to identify, take risks and test who this persona is. The moment I discovered and connected the dots was the moment I told myself I am home. Home in terms of feeling more confident and clear than ever in terms of who Horoyoi as a persona is.

My conclusion:

#HoroyoiTakeovers is my most successful campaign so far but it has also been the most unpredictable project given all the changes in event planning and timeline.

For this campaign we have collaborated with 5 different bars for exclusive bar takeovers in Bangkok during August and September. 22 KOLs all from celebrities to micro influencers were selected to attend and create content for the Horoyoi Takeover campaign, 22 KOLs selected out of a list including more than 50 KOLs in total. More than 80 deliverables across Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have been shared leading up to more than 7 million views. For me, this is something I am proud of and for Kommune Agency this is only the beginning of Jennifer’s million views campaigns.

My key takes from this campaign despite the challenging journey is the importance of persistence and maintaining a close communication with the brand to achieve both of our objectives.

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